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   Tristan and Isolde is a story about a hopeless pursuit of the unattainable , where death only can bring appeasement. But in spite of this little comforting end  its protagonists are still alive in universal conscience as one of the most famous pair of lovers, the embodiment of purity and depth of  feeling.
     Apart from the undoubted beauty of the story itself, we were attracted by its wealth of motives susceptible of "therapeutic exploitation"  for it touches many of the murk experiences lived by our actors/patients in their illness : anxiety, feeling of guilt, loneliness, rejection, emptiness, hopelessness , chaos... It speaks about painful moral dilemmas, about tragic laceration.
It tells us of a spiritual inferno , of wandering through darkness where there is no light but love.
      Tristan is beautiful , pure, noble and rightful: he is a hero - the saviour of his people;
      Isolde is beautiful, pure, wise and bountiful - they are  destined to each other.
      By will  of fortune,  Isolde has to marry another man -Tristans "father".
      But love can not be silenced. Love should not be rejected when it comes.
     And Tristan and Isolde obey its call.
Henceforth love will be they "torment and ecstasy", a true school of  life, a way to maturity, wisdom, and plenitude of humanity.
They  undergo treason, envy, aggression, cruelty; they suffer pain - physical and spiritual.; they live overwhelmed with duties  they are unable to be a match for;   they struggle in a web made of loyalties and desires ; they sin, have suicide thoughts , they succumb weaknesses, fall down, but love gives them strength  to rise to life.
What was  born as a physical passion converts itself into  a deep , indissoluble , spiritual tie, that  will  enable them to endure, that will never end.
This is the story we tell in our  performance :  a story about struggling against  own infirmity and fear  , about an obstinate seeking after life, light , after health.
 Our Tristan and Isolde do not die  - they pass into legend, they become part of the eternal myth , symbol of hope, love, self-devotion, faithfulness   and  constance , of fighting for the right to felicity. At the end there is no physical death, there  is a great spiritual triumph of Tristan and Isolde.

Another advantage of the material is its  magnitude  , giving the possibility of working in depth,  both   in terms of acting  and therapy, not only with  two or three persons playing the leading roles, but with a number of people,  as love , in our story , has many faces - along with Tristan and Isolde, another characters play its own variations on the theme: here is the love linking  the King and his adoptive son - Tristan; here is the Kings  love towards Isolde, that , having crossed the hell of  jealousy , anger and hate reaches eventually a state, in which it is capable of "withstanding everything, and forgiving everything". Last but not least here is the wonderful figure of the devoted Brangien, servant to Isolde, ready to any sacrifice for the love of her mistress.

For more then one hour and a half, the whole team is either acting on stage, either busy in technical tasks that enable, "in the background", a strong training of social competences : cooperation, common responsibility and mutual help and of individual performance: psycho-physical endurance ( resistance to stress,  concentration, elasticity  etc. )

Krzysztof Rogoż
sc.IV - Tristans illness-the People sc.V: Tristans burial sc.VI: the castaway
scVII: King Marks dream - the swallows sc.VII: the pressure of the barons sc.X: the ship to Cornwall
sc.XI: the royal wedding sc.XI: the coronation of Isolde sc.XI: consumatum est
sc.XI: Kings wedding- Tristan and Isolde sc.XIII: Isolde and The Kinng sc.XIII: Isoldes suffering
sc.XIII: the triangle sc.XV: kings nightmare - Isoldes purity sc.XV: Kings nightmare - the rape of Isolde
sc.XV: kings nightmare - Tristan hunted down sc.XVI: the plot sc.XVI: tormented Isolde
sc.XVI: the lashes sc.XVII: Isoldes Passion - the mob sc.XVII: Isoldes Passion
sc.XVII: Isolde given to the leprous1 sc.XVII: Isolde given to the leprous 2 sc.XVII: in the wood - the spring
sc.XVIII: in the wood - overtaken by the King sc.XVIII: in the wood - Isoldes illness sc.XX: Isoldes coming back to the King
scXXII: The Fool 1 sc.XXII: The Fool 2 sc.XXIII: Together again
1. King,s Nightmare   - The rape of Isolde
2. King,s Nightmare  - Tristan sacrified

Grupa Teatralna PSYCHE Dramatherapy Ambulatorium