Grupa Teatralna PSYCHE Pentheus [video] Ambulatorium

"LISYSTRATE II" freely adapted from Arystophanes' "Lisystrate".

        In the middle of an endless war, women - weary of suffering miseries and vexations,  instigated by the smart Lisystrate, resolve to stop the carnage. The scheme is simple - no peace, no sex - males have to choose. This leads to a series of comical peripeties that end in a re-establishing of peace and in a general orgy.
        The original comedy is, above all, a crazy political satire, full of sex, used by Arystophanes to put in ridicule the political system of Athens and to denounce the absurdities of a fratricide war.
         For us, it was a pretext to treat the sexuality - a theme always difficult for our actors/patients. Thus we have been playing to surfeit with sexual symbology; the socio-political conflicts have been translated into a series of
variations on the "war of sexes", giving us the opportunity of working empirically on the sexual topic and, through the amusement and clownery, to carry out an intense training of physical contact.
On the other hand, the polyphonic character of the performance gave us the chance of working on fundamental  practical herapeutical problems: divisibility of attention, perception and ability of adjustment, long term concentration and mobilisation - all actors being almost all the time on scene and having to execute simultaneously their  respective tasks.
        [This aspect of the work cannot be fully appreciated on the video exerpts as having just one camera at our disposal, we had to shoot separately all the episodes composing the structure and being played simultaneously during the performance, which could not bee satisfactorily compensated  while editing.]

                                                                                                                                      Krzysztof Rogoż

the battlefield 1 the holy phallus 1 the holy phallus 2
men rejected the authority 1 the authority 2
the authority 3 Kinesias 1 kinesias 2
men surrender victory the triumph of love

"LISYSTRATE II"  [fragments]
  1. The battlefield. 
  2. Women's oath. 
  3. Males strike back.
  4. The authority. 
  5. Mutiny among the plotters.
  6. Males thrown down
  7. The triumph of love.

Grupa Teatralna PSYCHE Pentheus [video] Ambulatorium