"Healing Art Project"
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Galeria MIODOWA Maski-warsztat'98 Ambulatorium


Healing Art Project, the result of a collaborative effort between Polish and German psychiatrists, has organized an artistic workshop every year for the past three years. This being an intense creative effort consisting of painting and drawing in a specially organized environment in which groups of people from "MIODOWA STUDIO" spend a five day period.

Two professional artists: Harald Herrmann(Germany) and Malgorzata Bundzewicz(Poland), lead these workshops approximately every three months. Up until this time, six workshops have been conducted, each with a different topic.

The first workshop took place in the National Democratic Center on Izaak street in Cracow and there were fifteen participants who were asked to paint their favourite memories of landscape, music, animal or object on huge spreads. The next workshops concentrated on sketches of people, drawing portraits, the problems involved in the drawing of the portrait, discussing theoretical art problems,visiting art exhibitions, and organizing exhibitions. In October 1996, the participants of the workshops showed their art at Goethe Institute Gallery. This exhibition was the first important attempt by the workshop participants to show their work to the general public.

The workshop which took place in February 1998 in the Dom Norymberski Gallery was centered around the mask. The mask in fantasy, as an object inside the human imagination, masks expressing the four earthly seasons, and masks made for friends. The participants of the workshop created masks, and these masks were displayed publicly where guests could see them and try them on.

We do hope to be able these workshops of independent creativity and invite professional artists the world over, specializing in diverse artistic techniques to conduct them.


Maski- warsztat'98

Galeria MIODOWA Maski-warsztat'98 Ambulatorium